I’ve bundled a pure and very fast BigInteger Java/Scala implementation called Snohetta over at GitHub. The module is intended to be used with Scala, allowing you to use a new class BigInt2 (as opposed to BigInt). On my spare time I’ve been experimenting with finding digits of Pi, which pretty much means that from Scala thread to thread I’ve got to use JNI. Before coming to this realization I did end up forking a very fast and pure Java BigInteger mod to OpenJDK. Most operations switch between implementations to provide maximum efficiency. To make using this library easier in Scala you can use my Scala BigInt2 module Snohetta.

On the side for fun I’m also working on a pure Scala version of BigInteger, so If you like this: => keep an eye out for that: =>.

(btw yes, I know It should be Snøhetta)

Just #contributed to the next preview release of #MeteorJS, v0.3.4 which has just been released. Feels good, I enjoy #OSS so much :-)



I just commited a #CoffeeScript version of the #Backbone.JS Todos example. Complete with annotated source of both plain and CoffeeScript versions.

See it here and at the #GitHub repo.

With the free time on my hands I’ve been translating Artur Adib’s Backbone hello world examples to  CoffeeScript and have been trying to help Maurice Machado with getting the CoffeeKup Issues and Pull requests out of the way.

With the Backbone hello world stuff, I’ve seen a few translations but they only go so far as doing one or two code examples. Some of them are also not taking advantage of some unique CoffeeScript features which make working with Backbone even easier.

Oh yeah, and a bunch of other stuff but I’ll save that for another post!

Had some more time on my hands and figured I’d throw up a visual implementation of Conway’s Game of Life done with CoffeeScript. It uses raw html but you can flip a var in the code to make it render with HTML5’s canvas pixel image data. Renders fast with Chrome’s V8 and ok with Firefox’s Spidermonkey.


I recently worked on an animation lib for my current project and uploaded it to github, check it out: Raphlash. It uses RaphaelJS and should work in most browsers (haven’t tried IE). It started out as just a couple <rect> elements being drawn with flashing animation but that changed quickly.

Raphael is a really nice, easy library for svg in a browser. Had a lot of fun.

Probably won’t add much to this lib other than a few more shapes and characters.

My next experiment/project will use Processing.js.

I just forked and pushed a quick hack patch out. It adds Django 1.3 compatibility with 1.2 fallback to the Nexus Memcache module (developed and used by Disqus). I am slightly worried that 1.4 will probably shift things again regarding cache backends. Will have to wait and see before I turn this hack in to something more stable.